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Jasmin Ariel Floyd is a very talented, young artist born with FOP, a very rare disease that causes bone to form in the muscles, tendons and other connective tissue, forming a second skeleton that is immobilizing her body. Jasmin's art is used in every greeting card on the Jasmin Ariel Creations website. Each card is printed on card stock using a color laser printer. A percentage of each purchase goes to help fund FOP research.

How to order Jasmin's greeting cards and other gifts

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Christmas | Hanukkah
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Enjoy the Gifts of Life: Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the Gifts of Life!
Happy Hanukkah! - Inside is blank
God Bless Your Life: God Bless Your Life  Christmas Blessings!
Enjoy the Gifts of Life Happy Hanukkah! God Bless Your Life

Notecards (Blank Inside)
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Spiked Hair Boy Notecard: Inside is blank Charlie with Lamp Notecard: Inside is blank Girl with Heart Necklace Notecard: Inside is blank
Boy with Spiked Hair Charlie with Lamp Girl with Heart Necklace

Valentine's Day
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Colorful Heart Notecard: Blank Inside
Heartfelt Thank You: Inside Blank Happy Valentines Day Heart: Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope your day is filled with Love!
Colorful Heart Heartfelt Thank
You Notecard
Happy Valentines Day Heart

Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween
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Happy Anniversary Bears: Happy Anniversary!  Love Blossoms With the Flowers!
I Love You Dad: Inside Blank
I Love You Mom: Blank Inside
Happy Anniversary Bears I Love You Dad I Love You Mom

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Cross with Hearts: Inside is blank Happy Easter: Inside is blank Happy Easter: Inside is blank
Cross with Hearts Easter Bunnies And Basket Happy Easter Chicks

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Bizz E. Bee: Heard the BUZZ...  Happy Bee-Day! Birthday Bunnies: Happy Birthday  to somebunny special!! Cool Cat: Wishing You... A Very COOL Birthday!
Bizz E. Bee Birthday Bunnies Cool Cat

Friendship | Thank You
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Missing You: Missing You
Triangular Cat: Triangular Cat says...  Hope your day SHAPES UP OK! HopingAllOfYourWishesComeTrue: Hoping all of your Wishes...   Come True!
Missing You Triangular Cat Hoping all of your
Wishes Come True

Get Well
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Cat and Bear Heard: Heard You Were Under the Weather...  Get Well Soon!
Gold E. Fish: Swimming by...  with a Get Well 'Hi'!
Get Well Clydesdale: Get Well
Cat and Bear Heard Gold E. Fish Get Well Clydesdale


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